Welcome to Primordia

We welcome you to our Second Season of the Tabletop Adventuring Club (TAC) at Off the Shelf West Marches Campaign. The world has entered the Fourth Age, an age of sail and exploration. Much of the world has changed, and many of the creatures and races of the Third Age have disappeared.

Porto Sicuro, rebuilding in this new world, has once again opened the doors of the Adventuring Hall! The Hall takes up requests for exploration and calls upon all adventurers great and small to forge their destiny in the world of Primordia!

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Welcome to a world just beginning to rebuild.

After the last great cataclysm, the Convergence War, hundreds of years of dark ages followed. With little ability to communicate or travel over long distances, settlements and even empires hunkered down. The leylines of the world went mad, while all magic fluctuated after the worldwide deactivation of a magical element called quarinium and the destruction of the Soul Forge of Alpha.

Now, the Rimor Imperivm and its many city-states across the world are beginning to open up trade, rediscover one another, and reestablish their civilization.

Welcome to a land of change.

The West Marches are a place you can forge your own legend. A place of new beginnings and exploration. A realm of high seas and lands forgotten.

Porto Sicuro, the location of our Adventurer’s Hall and the home base for our adventurers in this campaign, is growing and changing. Trade must open up; we have many hungry mouths to feed, and riches as well as glory to win! We all work together to improve the wealth and well-being of Porto Sicuro through its Trade Rating. Let the coins flow into our merchants’ purses (and into the magic item shops)!

Welcome to the realm of a thousand gods and ancient mysteries.

While Porto Sicuro still carries the torch and ostensibly the flag of Rimor, it has been centuries since we were in close contact with the mother nation. In addition, the West Marches has grown wilder and far stranger than ever before.

Therefore, although we do have the recognized pantheon of the West Marches, there are a plethora of gods out there. Old gods and new, dead gods and living, some with many followers and some with few: it is a glorious and sometimes confusing rainbow of beliefs and powers.

Amongst everything, you can seek out the old ruins and the secrets that remain of ages past.

Find treasure, gain experience, uncover lore, and help your fellow denizens of Primordia survive and thrive!